Thursday, May 14, 2020

Why I'm Writing Webnovels, and You Should Be Too

When I was first introduced to the concept of webnovels and the services eGlobal Creative Publishing provides for authors, I did a lot of research. I quickly ascertained that webnovels are huge in other countries and that there was a good possibility that this type of entertainment would continue to grow in popularity in the US. I had never even heard of a webnovel before I started talking to the folks at eGlobal, but it looked like a great opportunity to get my backlist of novels in front of a brand new audience.
            Seeing that I had absolutely nothing to lose by signing the nonexclusive contract to work with eGlobal on my backlist of books, I decided to sign a contract to put five of my series and one standalone novel into their care for listing on whatever web platforms they thought appropriate. By then, I’d had several email conversations and one lengthy phone discussion with some great people who really knew their stuff and were happy to answer all of my questions. It became clear to me that this was more than a contract; this was a partnership.
            Once I became part of the eGlobal family, other opportunities to improve my craft, widen my audience, and increase revenue began to present themselves. The first was a holiday writing contest. I’d never even entered a writing contest before, but winning the popular vote in this one was exhilarating! It was also a great opportunity for me to introduce my already existing readers to a brand new style of reading.
            After that, I had the chance to do some great training on how to develop stories specifically as webnovels and then the opportunity to put that training to use as I entered an exclusive contract to write a webnovel for eGlobal, which would then be published on the  Webnovel website. Along with that, I got to work with three other writers to craft a separate story that has been so much fun to collaborate on! Seeing my webnovel, Racing Hearts: Will the Actress Marry Him?  live on Webnovel has been so much fun! Unlike the typical retailers I publish on, the feedback on Webnovel is quick and specific. I absolutely love reading the comments and reviews these enthusiastic readers post on a daily basis. It’s also thrilling to watch the view count go up, people add my story to their collection, and gift their power stones!
            I think it’s become abundantly clear to all of us lately that the world around us is changing. There are huge opportunities for writers to find new readers all around the globe, but those who get out in front first will have a better chance of finding life-long fans and building a true following in this new medium, so I am excited to a part of eGlobal’s family. These are people who know the market, they know webnovels, they know the movers and shakers, and they want to see me be successful. I’d have to be crazy not to grab ahold of this opportunity with both hands!
            If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should partner with eGlobal to add your backlist to webnovel sites, whether or not you should go through their training program to learn how to craft your writing style to meet the expectations of a new market, or whether or not you should write something specifically for eGlobal to partner with you to get your work in front of literally millions of new readers, I say, give it a try and see how it goes! You literally have nothing to lose. If you have specific questions, I am more than happy to answer them for you! I can be reached at and would love to chat with you about the opportunities.
            Don’t think that you have to choose between writing webnovels and continuing in your other markets either. I am an award winning writer with bestselling titles on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I write in several genres under four pen names, but ID Johnson is my primary pen name, which I use for historical romance, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance. I’ve had several Bookbub Featured Deals in the last two years and have an email list of over 11,000. I’ve been able to continue to grow my readership by “regular” methods as I’ve spent the last six months exploring new opportunities, particularly those with eGlobal Creative Publishing. Why limit what you’re doing when you don’t have to? The readers are out there. You just have to reach them. You might be able to do it by yourself, but eGlobal makes it a lot easier!
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