Saturday, May 23, 2015

Author Interview: Lisa Litberg, Author of Free

I have met some amazing authors this past year. Lisa Litberg is one of them. I asked her about her book, Free, and what she has coming up.
1) Tell us about your book (title, publication date, genre, etc.)

My book is called Free, which in retrospect is not the best title for a book you plan to sell.  It was originally published through a small-press company last July, but unfortunately they closed in February, so I self-published in March.  It’s contemporary fiction, female-centered.  Basically it’s a coming of age story.

2) Is this a series?

It wasn’t meant to be!  However I’ve had so many people ask about a second book about the main character that I broke down and started writing one.  This one features other characters’ points of view as well, and will address my readers’ questions about the future of my protagonist. 

3) What inspired you to write this particular book?

In my younger years, I followed the band The Grateful Dead around the country.  My experiences on dead tour were monumental.  I wanted to try to share those experiences with people who had never been.   While on tour, I met a lot of people who remained nomadic even when the band went home between tours.  I was interested in their lives, in what they did after tour ended.  This story is the fictional account of one such person.

4) Tell us about your main character.  What are his/hers strengths and weaknesses?

I think Free is a very strong character.  She is independent and somewhat fearless.  She takes the initiative in situations.  She is protective of herself.  She is remarkably resourceful for a woman in her position.  On the other hand, she isn’t always discriminating about the company she keeps.  She allows herself to get into situations where she is forced to depend upon others.  She can’t always see in herself what we do.  Her struggles teach her much about belonging and the true nature of freedom.

5) Without giving too much away, is there a pivotal scene that really speaks to you?

The opening sequence is my favorite.  I love how smoothly it unfolds, and how much it tells about the main characters in a simple, unassuming way.  Other than that, there are many moments that I find poignant, mostly while Free is interacting with other characters. 

6) If you have other books, how does this one compare to the others?

This is my first novel!  I’m working on my second one now. 

You can purchase Free on Amazon here.

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